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Ready to hit the half pipe at the US Open

Loving this spring time tee weather in Aspen! | ♥ 576 Got a couple barrels in Aspen today | ♥ 676 #rbhighperformance | ♥ 311 Sun, slush & a fun pipe in Aspen always makes for an epic time! | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz #Samsung #rbhighperformance ♥ 442 Picked up a pair of the new HOLBROOK LX Dark Grey Tortoise w/ black iridium from @oakleyaus_nz. Thanks guys.... ♥ 709 Thanks for the jumper @EssendonFC so stoked! Good luck to the boys this weekend in Perth, show those dockers how... ♥ 627 Just short of a month to go now until the Wings For Life World run. Register now and support this... ♥ 108 Lets go Bombers! @EssendonFC #DonTheSash ♥ 757 Can't wait for more of this in a couple weeks! | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz #Samsung | ♥ 457 Love being home! | @timjames101 @seannjames @abishbright @rebeccajames19 @torahbright ♥ 840 Just stopped by the O-Store in Bondi and customized some Garage Rock Sunnies. Get down and check it out! Thank... ♥ 32 Excited to be at the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch with @sally_fitz @alexchumpypullin @jessgallagher86 & @james_maggie #GalaxyS5Launch ♥ 140 Thanks for such a fun week @redbull. Double Pipe was crazy! Now back home to Aus, Yeeee!! | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz ... ♥ 382 Tough day yesterday. Broken wrist after a spill in the pipe. Got my sock over the cast and ready to... ♥ 509 So stoked to be out here in Aspen for #RedBullDoublePipe. This thing is insane! Fun week ahead! | @redbull @redbullau @oakleyaus... ♥ 1187 #OscarSelfie? Hahaha | @TheEllenShow @ecambage @thestylistsays @corbinharris @brittmelrose @bratchelor @rebeccajames19 ♥ 857 @robbiemaddison can take a good selfie haha! ♥ 895 Love my Sis @rebeccajames19! So glad to be home ♥ 218 The team.Thanks for all the good times this season @timjames101 & Abe Teter Onwards and upwards from here! ♥ 943 @jjthomas_ can take a good selfie! So fun to be back in Vail for the US Open. Fun week ahead! | ... ♥ 957 Red Rocks! So awesome checking this place out. Hoping Mumford pass through here again! @mumfordandsonsofficial ♥ 1354 Wait...are we wearing the same pants @sventhorgren? Haha ♥ 223 Happy Birthday to this lovely lady, 97 and still going strong! Go Nanna! ♥ 112 Love a backie! ♥ 781 Another Olympics in the books and one I won't forget. Its been fun! Heading back to the US today. See... ♥ 1110 Oh so proud! Your the bomb @torahbright ♥ 1503 Yesterday wasn't my day unfortunately. Wasn't the ending I was looking for but so honored to represent my county at... ♥ 1469 Its been a fun journey the past couple of years and I am so grateful to have such a supportive... ♥ 946 Yesterday was flippin' crazy! Well done to all the boys in Finals. Everyone killed it! | photo: @gabe_lheureux ♥ 372 Took a spill in Slopestyle qualifiers yesterday and unfortunately gave the family jewels and the ribs a good wack but... ♥ 500 Another fun day of practice. Slopestyle course is noice! ♥ 144 Made it to Sochi! Exciting couple of weeks ahead. Go Aussies! @torahbright ♥ 401 In Milan for the next few days before I head to Sochi. Staying right on this lake ain't so bad! ♥ 75 @XGames pipe finals about to go down. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!! Tune into ESPN or to watch all the... ♥ 557 So hyped to make it through to finals with this guy tonight! Cant wait for Finals on sunday. Gonna be... ♥ 447 @XGames halfpipe elimination going down tonight. Tune into ESPN 3 or to watch all the action! | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz ... ♥ 218