NZ - Home Away from Home

NZ Snow Park is like my second home, this is a shot from last season.

Fun sesh on this thing today with the boys/ @torsteinhorgmo @clintallan @joshvagne | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz @perisher_parks @perisher_resort ♥ 1715 Red Bull Drop Track was epic! Big thanks to @redbullau and everyone that made it happen! Cant wait for next... ♥ 1051 Together again ♥ 1456 Miss this guy! #TheGhostHusky ♥ 1352 Throwback to Stylewars 2011. Excited to be back! Fun couple days ahead | @oakleyaus_nz @redbullau @perisher_resort ♥ 946 Check out the latest episode of @diariesdownunder where I got to not only get through some of my bucket list... ♥ 980 Another sunny day! | ♥ 1105 The transfer in @perisher_parks is damn fun! | ♥ 1131 Another epic Mile High comes to an end. Thanks to all that made it happen! Next up ---> Style Wars. | ♥ 1061 Caught up with this tough lil dude today. Speedy recovery buddy! See you back on the mountain soon. ♥ 1036 Just like the old days, on the road to @perisher_resort with Mum! ♥ 925 Sorry about your snowman Russell. | ♥ 1242 Looking forward to this! Find out more info at: | @redbullau ♥ 527 Ragdoll | ♥ 1020 Scoping | ♥ 1048 I got to go somewhere I have always wanted to go today. Can anyone guess where it was? Thanks for... ♥ 1419 ♥ 1058 Nice to be back in NZ. Fun first day filming with the @diariesdownunder crew! | @redbullau @oakleyaus_nz ♥ 1642 Another fun day in the pipe! | ♥ 1181 Down under | ♥ 1055 Doin work....and taking selfies. @charlesbeckinsale @perisher_parks ♥ 1162 Bye bye lil buddy. I'll miss you! @perisher_resort bound. Road trip! ♥ 1392 Levi has got that Friday feelin! Have a good weekend everyone ♥ 880 #tbt to one of my favorite shots from the #rbhighperformance. Thanks for the barrell @ben_ferguson! | ♥ 1383 It's good to be back! Fun first day @perisher_parks @perisher_resort. | ♥ 1457 New helmets make me grin! Thanks @redbullau ♥ 1421 A cold and foggy surf with the boys this morn! | @edz_lim @streefjerk ♥ 1110 #tbt to this one time in Nicaragua when I didn't see @jaysonhotell drop in too. How do you think this... ♥ 1206 Came home from training to this. Poor little guy must have been hungry ♥ 1029 Rise & shine, it's snowboarding time! Whose coming up to @mt_buller this weekend?! ♥ 1292 #tbt to the skiing days.....they didn't last long! ♥ 1346 Can you stay a puppy forever Ghost?! #TheGhostHusky ♥ 484 It didn't seem so long ago that this guy Trevor and I were shredding around Mammoth being little punks trying... ♥ 187 ♥ 373 #tbt to a shot from the Olympics. Whose getting excited for the Aussie snow season!? I sure am! | @redbullau @oakleyaus... ♥ 888 #GhostTheHusky ♥ 445